About NHD

Notting Hill Devices (NHD) was established in 2016.

It was created as subsidiary of, and a dedicated hardware provider to, early stage medical technology company, 4Dx. Its launch came after several years of development work at 4Dx and world-class education institution, Monash University.

Melbourne-based, NHD manufactures its devices in the Australian state of Victoria and has tested them in Australia, the United States and Japan. The organisation has already developed a record of successful delivery to collaborators throughout Australia and North America.

The company’s overarching objective is to assist in respiratory science by providing new tools allowing for novel research. It aims to do this by developing pulmonary research hardware by respiratory researchers for respiratory researchers.


4Dx Limited is an early stage medical technology company based in Melbourne, Australia, established to commercialise four-dimensional lung imaging technology: 4DxV.

Conceived by Andreas Fouras and developed by his research group, the Laboratory for Dynamic Imaging at Monash University, and the 4Dx team, the company has successfully proven and patented its technology with 10 years of studies and trials completed by some of the most talented minds within the field of medical technology.